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Why Should You Keep Your Gun in a Biometric Safe?

A biometric gun safe is a secure and protective storage container for firearms and ammunition. A gun safe is a necessary investment for any firearm owner: in the UK it is a legal requirement that guns are safely stored in a locked cabinet or container. Leaving a gun unattended not only leaves it open to theft, but also creates an opportunity for the weapon to fall into the wrong hands. Although there are many types of gun safes available, a biometric gun safe is by far the safest and most... Read More

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National Home Security Month: Boosting Security With Home Safes

The first of October hails the start of National Home Security Month, an awareness campaign designed to help people protect their property. Learn more about this campaign, and how All About Safes can help you protect your belongings with a home safe. If our recent survey is anything to go by, then modern Britain needs to be cautious when considering home security. All About Safes’ research uncovered that 78% of people in the UK don’t believe police will recover stolen goods in the event of a break-in, which is an... Read More

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Insurance and Safes: A Buyer’s Guide to AIS and Eurograde Safes

Discover all you need to know about insurance protection and cash rated safes with our guide to AiS approved units and Eurograde safes. It can be hugely frustrating when you are unable to trigger the insurance payout you are looking for. Even if you have not been in this situation before, it can cause significant worry for those that may run into insurance-related problems in the future. The influence of the media and their dramatic stories doesn’t help either but rather inflates the concerns of individuals and businesses alike, with... Read More

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Police Unlikely to Solve Break-Ins: How to Keep Property Safe from Burglars

Concerned about your possessions in the event of a break in? You aren’t alone. All About Safes recently ran a survey to discover what the British public really think about how the police would handle their case. Read the results here. Many of us are concerned about our personal or business property, and there is good reason for it. Around 500,000 homes are burgled each year in the UK, while half of all business premises will be the victim of a similar crime at some point during their time of... Read More

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Introducing InSafe a new brand with fantastic products

We’re pleased to announce a new brand being offered on our website. With an element of exclusivity to the offer, InSafe have only offered their products to real safe engineering companies. With our company background, industry experience, product knowledge and expertise our brands and companies are the perfect duo. Insafe is the oldest British security company that designs, manufactures, supplies, installs, maintains and services all types of safes nationwide using their own crews and engineers. Across their great range of products all their safes are insurance approved and fire resistant... Read More

Customer Service Announcement – Price Increase Update

Price increase from our main safe manufacturers Everyone expects a price increase notification from time to time however this month has seen 3 letters from our main manufacturers advising of an increase to their prices. All products available from Burton Safes, Chubb Safes and Phoenix safes will be subject to a price increase in the upcoming weeks. Phoenix Safes released a price increase earlier which are we yet to implement, Chubb Safes are increasing their products within one calendar week and Burton Safes are increasing theirs very soon too. We... Read More


Safety Deposit Boxes – Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Limited

There’s been a lot in the news this week, some of which was quite exciting! The thought of the UK sitting on over 150 million barrels of oil can only benefit our economy, a number of exciting bits and bobs floating out of the political parties, creating some interesting conversations within All About Safes – however there was one news item that caught our attention and has remained at the forefront of our conversations all week. Seeing the news on Tuesday morning that Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Limited had been... Read More

Buying a gun safe – thoughts for consideration

On the 13th – 15th February 2015 Stoneleigh Manor hosted the Great British Shooting Show which is established as the UK’s premier public showcase and launch pad for major International gun manufacturers, gun retailers and shooting accessory suppliers. The show took place literally down the road from where our Headquarters are based and thought it’d be useful to cover some frequently asked questions when buying a gun safe. How many guns do you have? Gun safes come in a range of sizes, which focus on how many guns you can... Read More

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Do I need to install / bolt down my safe?

Hello and welcome to our last post in January where we’ve focussed on Eurograded Safes available from some of the leading manufacturers Chubb Safes, Burton Safes and Phoenix Safes. In this post we focus on the importance of fixing your safe to the floor, regardless of size or weight. Throughout January we’ve read about some pretty terrible stories from around the UK, of safes being stolen from their properties and we thought it’d be useful to stipulate how important it is to bolt down your safe – even if it... Read More


Phoenix Safes – Eurograded safes at an affordable price

Throughout January we’ve been focussing on some of our best-selling eurograded safes. A eurograde safe is a class of safe that has been given a certification following rigorous testing to a European classification (EN1143-1). Eurograded safes offer a minimum cash rating of £6,000 and jewellery rating of £60,000 (this cover is for insurance purposes.) Eurograded safes also offer a greater level of security, a better build quality and are great for home or domestic use. In this post we look at eurograded safes available from the Phoenix Safes company –... Read More