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man opens safe 14/11/2018
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What Is the Best Small Safe I Can Buy?

It’s not always possible to dedicate a large amount of space to storing valuables, particularly in your home. However, there are a number of small safes on the market that help you to protect your items without occupying large areas of your home. Whether you have a large number of valuables to store or a very small collection, having a small safe is a great way to protect your belongings from danger and theft, and is a vital step towards burglar-proofing your home. Safes vary in material, size and security,... Read More

UK Police 08/11/2018

Is the Trust Gone in Our Police Service? New Report Identifies Public Confidence in Police

Belief in law enforcement authorities to solve crimes is plummeting. In a survey of 1,200 individuals across the country, All About Safes discovers confidence in police is at a low point: 78% of people do not believe police are capable of recovering lost goods following burglary or theft. “People just don’t have confidence in police to recover their stolen valuables anymore,” states Dean Ryan of All About Safes. “With budget cuts, declining resources and rising crime rates, if things don’t change, the British public soon won’t know where to look... Read More

Medications Need to Be Stored Properly 07/11/2018
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Should I Keep Medical Supplies in a Safe or in a Steel Storage Cabinet?

Proper storage of medical supplies is essential not only to ensure that medication is kept in conditions that maintain its potency, but also that it’s protected from children who could otherwise access potentially harmful medication. Steel storage cabinets are a great way of securing medication in surgeries and hospitals as well as in other areas where medication may need to be stored, such as schools, nurseries or even the home. Why Do You Need to Store Medical Supplies Safely? When not carefully stored, medical supplies can pose dangers to people... Read More

What Is a Concealed Safe and Why Do You Need One? 31/10/2018
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What Is a Concealed Safe and Why Do You Need One?

Want to know more about concealed safes, such as what they are and how they could be of benefit to you? Our security experts take a detailed look at the concealed safe. In a survey run by All About Safes, we discovered that public confidence in the police’s ability to recover stolen property is very low. In fact, 78% of people stated that they didn’t believe law enforcement would be able to get back their possessions if stolen from a home or business. Surprisingly, this figure is actually an overestimation... Read More

AllAboutSafes - UKs Number 1 Expert 24/10/2018
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How to Buy the Right Safe Quick Guide: 5 Steps

A safe is a secure cabinet with a simple or complex lock used for storing valuables. Items ranging from essential documents and cash to jewellery and even guns should be kept securely in a safe to protect them from burglars. The need for a safe is clear. In addition to protecting valuables, safes are also a legal requirement for the storage of some items, such as firearms. As there are so many uses for safes, there are a wide variety available on the market. In this guide, we show you how to buy the... Read More

Why Should You Keep Your Gun in a Biometric Safe 18/10/2018
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Why Should You Keep Your Gun in a Biometric Safe?

A biometric gun safe is a secure and protective storage container for firearms and ammunition. A gun safe is a necessary investment for any firearm owner: in the UK it is a legal requirement that guns are safely stored in a locked cabinet or container. Leaving a gun unattended not only leaves it open to theft, but also creates an opportunity for the weapon to fall into the wrong hands. Although there are many types of gun safes available, a biometric gun safe is by far the safest and most... Read More

AllAboutSafes - UKs Number 1 Expert 10/10/2018
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National Home Security Month: Boosting Security With Home Safes

The first of October hails the start of National Home Security Month, an awareness campaign designed to help people protect their property. Learn more about this campaign, and how All About Safes can help you protect your belongings with a home safe. If our recent survey is anything to go by, then modern Britain needs to be cautious when considering home security. All About Safes’ research uncovered that 78% of people in the UK don’t believe police will recover stolen goods in the event of a break-in, which is an... Read More

AllAboutSafes - UKs Number 1 Expert 27/09/2018
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Insurance and Safes: A Buyer’s Guide to AIS and Eurograde Safes

Discover all you need to know about insurance protection and cash rated safes with our guide to AiS approved units and Eurograde safes. It can be hugely frustrating when you are unable to trigger the insurance payout you are looking for. Even if you have not been in this situation before, it can cause significant worry for those that may run into insurance-related problems in the future. The influence of the media and their dramatic stories doesn’t help either but rather inflates the concerns of individuals and businesses alike, with... Read More

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Police Unlikely to Solve Break-Ins: How to Keep Property Safe from Burglars

Concerned about your possessions in the event of a break in? You aren’t alone. All About Safes recently ran a survey to discover what the British public really think about how the police would handle their case. Read the results here. Many of us are concerned about our personal or business property, and there is good reason for it. Around 500,000 homes are burgled each year in the UK, while half of all business premises will be the victim of a similar crime at some point during their time of... Read More

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Introducing InSafe a new brand with fantastic products

We’re pleased to announce a new brand being offered on our website. With an element of exclusivity to the offer, InSafe have only offered their products to real safe engineering companies. With our company background, industry experience, product knowledge and expertise our brands and companies are the perfect duo. Insafe is the oldest British security company that designs, manufactures, supplies, installs, maintains and services all types of safes nationwide using their own crews and engineers. Across their great range of products all their safes are insurance approved and fire resistant... Read More