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What is the best cheap home safe?

With so many safes to choose from it can be difficult to make a decision on which one is best for you. Most safes are part of ranges that come in a selection of sizes, so where possible we will recommend a model range, as the features remain the same. Then, just pick the right size that’s suitable for the space you intend to house the safe or suitable to house your belongings. Best Budget Safe “What is a Budget Safe?” We’ve classed a budget safe as a safe that... Read More

Can safes be installed?

Many people ask us if safes can be installed. Long gone are the days where safes only had a weight of 1000kg+. With many homeowners deciding to secure their most valuable assets in their home we get asked if safes can be installed. Nowadays, through the emergence of technology and competitor offering, safes are available in a huge range of sizes, weights and security ratings. Regardless of their size, all safes will come with holes ready for installation which can be conducted by yourself or by our professional installation team.... Read More


High Security Safes: Do You Need One?

 The team at All About Safes explores the meaning behind the term high security safe. What is a high security safe and do you need one? There are many types of safes for sale in the UK. From state-of-the-art biometric units to budget safes for the home, you have a wealth of options to pick from when choosing the perfect product for your security needs. One term you might hear, or might think about when looking to buy a safe, is “high security”. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this... Read More


4 Types of Safe To Transform Security

 Looking to improve home security in 2019? You may want to consider adopting at least one of these safes for valuable protection.   When it comes to safes for sale in the UK, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. An industry that dates back thousands of years, it will come as no surprise that in the millennia that have followed the inception of lockable security units, the range of products and solutions available has continued to grow. Safes can be an incredibly powerful tool in the fight for... Read More

Graphic of home security 17/01/2019
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Most Popular Home Security Revealed: All About Safes’ Survey Results

As a business that is focused on helping to secure possessions and other high-value assets, All About Safes’ was concerned about the recent news coverage over domestic security. With burglary figures on the rise and crime resolution rates falling, we wanted to know what the British public was doing to keep themselves safe. All About Safes commissioned research into the most popular home security systems employed across British homes. We asked 935 members of the public what kind of security they had in place for their domestic property. So what... Read More

Code lock on the safe door 20/12/2018
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Should I Buy a Used Safe? Why Second-Hand Isn’t Second Best

Considering making that all important security investment and buying a safe for your home or business? Discover why used safes are worth thinking about. When it comes to safes for sale, you might think that going for a second-hand option is a bit like opting for a used mattress — old, worn and really not up to the job. But this misconception could have you missing out on some incredible products. Let’s be fair. A used safe in a bad condition is not going to do anyone any favours. But... Read More

Front view of light silver bank vault door, closed 14/12/2018
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Where to Buy a Safe? Where to Look and What to Buy

Thinking about buying a safe but aren’t sure where to make your purchase or what safe you should buy? Our expert engineers offer their advice. Have you been thinking about buying a safe? You aren’t alone! Crime and burglary rates are on the rise. The public doesn’t believe police are capable of reclaiming stolen property, and even MPs are worried law enforcement is at risk of becoming irrelevant. As personal property case solve rates hit lows of just 5%, the responsibility of keeping valuables secure now falls firmly on your... Read More

metal safe 06/12/2018

Do You Need a Gun Cabinet? What You Should Know

Thinking about purchasing a gun in the UK? How are you going to store it? All About Safes explain the necessity of a secure gun safe. Hunting and shooting is a popular pastime in Britain. We are not known as a country of gun owners, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a proud shooting heritage — one that many want to preserve. Just by looking at the statistics, we know the hobby is as beloved as it ever has been: 600,000 people take part in hunting or shooting activities... Read More

fingerprint 22/11/2018
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How Do Biometric Fingerprint Safes Work? Benefits and Important Information

Looking for the most advanced type of security for your safe that money can buy? All About Safes explain why biometric finger safes are exactly what you are searching for. Security at home and work has become incredibly important in recent years. Crime rates are rising, especially amongst burglaries and thefts. All the while, resolution rates are falling. Over a one year period, it was recorded that only 5% of burglaries and robberies were solved. By the end of 2018, this figure fell to just 1%. That means for every... Read More

Wall Safe 22/11/2018
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The Complete Wall Safe Installation Guide: Where, How and Why

Looking to buy a wall safe and need some advice on where to put it, what exactly to buy and how to get your safe installed? All About Safes offer their expert opinions and insight into the world of wall safe installation. Here are some statistics that might keep you up at night: Hundreds of thousands of homes are broken into annually. This figure is rising. The occurrence of burglaries is up over 30%. 8 in 10 people don’t trust the police to recover anything stolen from their home. That... Read More