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3 Point Buying Guide

We understand how difficult it can be to buy a safe online so with the help of our in house engineers we've put together a quick 3 point checklist to make sure you're getting the right safe for you.

1) Cash rating, jewellery cover - the right level of protection

Number one priority is to ensure that the safe is suitable for your needs. Each safe will offer an element of protection whether it is for cash, valuables of against fire. Ensure that the safe you are purchasing offers the right level of protection for your requirements.

2) Size Considerations

Have you considered where you wish for the safe to go? Some customers will choose a convenient place due to heavy usage, other customers will opt for discretion, the main question really relates to your personal needs. Where's best for you*? The reason this is important is because when you know where the safe is to be placed you will know of any size restrictions (height width or depth) that you will need to consider.

3) Budget

Naturally one of the most important factors of any purchase is the price you pay. The prices of products that we sell range from £30 - £18,000! Once the above two points are address you will be better placed at making the decision, then all it really comes down to is the budget you have for the safe.

We hope that this helps - if at any point you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


(*please note delivery charges will be incurred if the safe is going up or down stairs)