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How to Buy the Right Safe Quick Guide: 5 Steps

A safe is a secure cabinet with a simple or complex lock used for storing valuables. Items ranging from essential documents and cash to jewellery and even guns should be kept securely in a safe to protect them from burglars. The need for a safe is clear. In addition to protecting valuables, safes are also a legal requirement for the storage of some items, such as firearms. As there are so many uses for safes, there are a wide variety available on the market. In this guide, we show you how to buy the... Read More

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National Home Security Month: Boosting Security With Home Safes

The first of October hails the start of National Home Security Month, an awareness campaign designed to help people protect their property. Learn more about this campaign, and how All About Safes can help you protect your belongings with a home safe. If our recent survey is anything to go by, then modern Britain needs to be cautious when considering home security. All About Safes’ research uncovered that 78% of people in the UK don’t believe police will recover stolen goods in the event of a break-in, which is an... Read More

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Keysafes for the Elderly: What, How, and Why?

Until the invention of the keysafe there were only a few choices for people who cared for elderly relatives who needed other people to have access to their homes. One option was to have their own key, which worked perfectly for them, but didn’t allow others to get in in an emergency. Another option was to leave a spare key hidden under the mat or another obvious place, which worked but is obviously not a very security-conscious plan. So the keysafe was the best solution. Keysafes are a small, secure... Read More

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Home Security: Top Tips for Your Home

Securing your home and its contents are probably high on your list of priorities. Keeping your home’s valuables safe from theft and burglaries is not only important to you but also to your insurance company. Having a burglary is not a pleasant experience and most people that have been burgled will tell you that it’s mainly the intrusion into their home and not the theft of the goods that’s painful. So we wanted to advise you on the top six areas of home security that you should consider   1.... Read More

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The All About Safes Guide to Key Safes

Here at All About Safes we sell safes for all types of purpose and needs. It’s often a real task to find your ideal safe and getting it right can be a real battle but we like to take the pain out of buying your new safe so we’re always around for help and advice. Key safes are fast becoming a popular area of our website and it’s a vast area to search. With the increasing need to lock up and organise your keys securely, the key safe and key... Read More