4 Types of Safe To Transform Security

 Looking to improve home security in 2019? You may want to consider adopting at least one of these safes for valuable protection.


When it comes to safes for sale in the UK, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from.

An industry that dates back thousands of years, it will come as no surprise that in the millennia that have followed the inception of lockable security units, the range of products and solutions available has continued to grow.

Safes can be an incredibly powerful tool in the fight for keeping your home safe and protected from criminal activity. With over 500,000 homes burgled every year, and only 5% of items stolen every being recovered, locking away your valuables and keeping your property secure is of the utmost importance.

The problem is, with so many home safe options available, how do you pick which is right for you? At All About Safes, we’re experts in exactly that — safes. We know all about the best types of safes, and with 2019 now underway, thought we should share our thoughts on what kind of units you should invest your hard-earned cash in this year.


 1. Biometric Safes           

It’s 2019! Security isn’t what it used to be. While there is still a place for the classic combination lock, and a good old-fashioned lock and key, we’re also seeing a rise in popularity when it comes to more advanced methods of protecting valuables.

Developments in security technology now mean that biometric fingerprint safes aren’t just the stuff of sci-fi movies anymore. Anyone can buy a biometric unit for their property, making them one of the best types of safes for home use this year.

But what is so great about this type of safe?

Not all safes are created equal — some can be cracked more easily than others. In terms of access methods, most all have great value in terms of security, but a combination can be guessed and a key can be found. This is especially true if you live with other people in a close environment who you don’t want getting into your safe — people who may be able to see you enter a combination or know where you hide the key to your safe.

A biometric fingerprint safe, though, is a little different. The technology is programmed to your unique fingerprint input, which means there is no way to replicate access. For unbeatable valuables security, knowing that nobody but you — and others you allow biometric access to — can get into the safe, you cannot find a better kind of safe.


 used safe2. Used Safes

Biometric safes may sound exciting and incredibly secure, but for some, they might also sound expensive. A good safe is an investment and can come at a high cost — a cost that may not be attainable. However, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on security.

Refurbished safes are some of the best types of safes available. There are numerous benefits to buying a used safe, including great and unbeatable security and access to out-of-production products. What’s more, they are often cheaper options when compared to brand new alternatives, perfect for those with budgetary restrictions.

While you may be skeptical about buying a used safe for your home, rest assured that if you purchase your unit from a trusted provider — like us here at All About Safes — your safe will provide the same high-quality security as any other product bought from our website. This is all down to our rigorous testing and refurbishment techniques.

 3. Outdoor Key Safesoutdoor key safe

Sometimes your home needs to be accessed by multiple individuals. They may be family members, staff (such as cleaners), friends, tenants or even tourists if you let your home out to holidaymakers. You don’t necessarily want to hand these people their own keys and permanent access to your home. Instead, you want to allow them only temporary entry.

Common practice is to leave a key in a hidden location, such as under a stone or doormat. While many of us are guilty of such an act, this innocuous little concept creates some glaring security problems, dramatically increasing the chance of having your home broken into and invalidating many insurance agreements at the same time.

Outside key safes offer a high-security solution to this problem. Units that can be fixed to the external elements of your home, such as onto a wall, allowing for keys to be securely locked away. If somebody requires access to your home, you need only give them the combination to the key safe — allowing them to use the key temporarily before returning it. As the key is now behind a protected barrier, you gain peace of mind that an intruder can’t simply pluck it out from beneath a potted plant. Outside key safe combination locks can easily be changed, which means access can be limited only to those you currently allow access to your home.

 4. Concealed Safesconcealed safe

What could be safer than a safe a burglar cannot access? A safe they can’t even find in the first place! Concealed safe units are safes that are installed into hidden locations within your home, adding that extra level of protection to your belongings.

Popular options include wall safes and underfloor safes.

The benefits are clear. The concealed safe has all the normal security features you’d expect from a security device such as a safe, including advanced locking, a thick and near-impenetrable structure and secure deadbolts. However, they are also hidden from view, making them much harder to access. Found behind picture frames, mirrors or under floorboards or carpets, if you really want to afford the best possible security for your valuables, a concealed safe is perhaps the ultimate method of doing so — short of installing your own bank vault.



 Browse through our range of safes to find exactly the unit that suits you! All About Safes offer hand-selected ranges of premium safe products, including biometric safes, concealed safes, used safes and outdoor key safes!


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