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Insurance and Safes: A Buyer’s Guide to AIS and Eurograde Safes

Discover all you need to know about insurance protection and cash rated safes with our guide to AiS approved units and Eurograde safes. It can be hugely frustrating when you are unable to trigger the insurance payout you are looking for. Even if you have not been in this situation before, it can cause significant worry for those that may run into insurance-related problems in the future. The influence of the media and their dramatic stories doesn’t help either but rather inflates the concerns of individuals and businesses alike, with... Read More

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Police Unlikely to Solve Break-Ins: How to Keep Property Safe from Burglars

Concerned about your possessions in the event of a break in? You aren’t alone. All About Safes recently ran a survey to discover what the British public really think about how the police would handle their case. Read the results here. Many of us are concerned about our personal or business property, and there is good reason for it. Around 500,000 homes are burgled each year in the UK, while half of all business premises will be the victim of a similar crime at some point during their time of... Read More

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Do I need to install / bolt down my safe?

Hello and welcome to our last post in January where we’ve focussed on Eurograded Safes available from some of the leading manufacturers Chubb Safes, Burton Safes and Phoenix Safes. In this post we focus on the importance of fixing your safe to the floor, regardless of size or weight. Throughout January we’ve read about some pretty terrible stories from around the UK, of safes being stolen from their properties and we thought it’d be useful to stipulate how important it is to bolt down your safe – even if it... Read More

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Eurograded Burton Safes – The most versatile range of safes there is!

Hello! This is the second of our January blog posts where we look at ranges of eurograded safes. A eurograded safe is a safe that has been certified to a certain standard following rigorous testing by approved institutes. A eurograded safe offers (dependant on the class of grading) a minimum cash rating cover of £6,000 or £60,000 jewellery cover up to a whopping £250,000 cash rating or £2,500,000 jewellery cover. In this blog we delve into the eurograded safes available from Burton Safes. Burton Safes are a company that was... Read More

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Eurograded ChubbSafes – Suitable safes for your cash and valuables following Christmas.

Happy New Year to all our readers! We hope that your festive break was relaxing, enjoyable and most importantly you got spoilt! Throughout the month of January we’re focussing on eurograded safes and today we look at safes offered by Chubbsafes in this range. Eurograde safes are sometimes the requirement of your home insurance provider. Need a safe for your home insurance after receiving sparkly gifts at Christmas? Read on to see the range of safes from Chubb, all of which are AiS Approved (Association of Insurance Surveyors). You’re in... Read More

Fireproof safes from All About Safes 03/12/2014
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13 Top Fire Safety Tips for Your Home or Office

Hopefully you’ll have adequate insurance in case of disaster of theft. In 2011 the average pay out for loss due to fire was £10,200 – which was more than theft from the home. So it’s certainly worth looking into your insurance to ensure you’re covered in the event of a fire. Obviously fire is extremely destructive and will damage or destroy most items and structures in your home or office. Insurance is all well and good, but many domestic or office fires are avoidable.   Here’s our home and office... Read More