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What Is a Concealed Safe and Why Do You Need One? 31/10/2018
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What Is a Concealed Safe and Why Do You Need One?

Want to know more about concealed safes, such as what they are and how they could be of benefit to you? Our security experts take a detailed look at the concealed safe. In a survey run by All About Safes, we discovered that public confidence in the police’s ability to recover stolen property is very low. In fact, 78% of people stated that they didn’t believe law enforcement would be able to get back their possessions if stolen from a home or business. Surprisingly, this figure is actually an overestimation... Read More

3 safes with 1 selected 24/10/2018
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How to Buy the Right Safe Quick Guide: 5 Steps

A safe is a secure cabinet with a simple or complex lock used for storing valuables. Items ranging from essential documents and cash to jewellery and even guns should be kept securely in a safe to protect them from burglars. The need for a safe is clear. In addition to protecting valuables, safes are also a legal requirement for the storage of some items, such as firearms. As there are so many uses for safes, there are a wide variety available on the market. In this guide, we show you how to buy the... Read More

Wall safe hidden behind a painting 10/10/2018
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National Home Security Month: Boosting Security With Home Safes

The first of October hails the start of National Home Security Month, an awareness campaign designed to help people protect their property. Learn more about this campaign, and how All About Safes can help you protect your belongings with a home safe. If our recent survey is anything to go by, then modern Britain needs to be cautious when considering home security. All About Safes’ research uncovered that 78% of people in the UK don’t believe police will recover stolen goods in the event of a break-in, which is an... Read More

Sub terra under fllor safe from Burton Safes 12/11/2014
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Under Floor Safes: Fitting and Installation Guide from All About Safes

When it comes to security, a safe for your home or office is essential. But with all the benefits of small and light safes there’s always to security issue of securing your safe down well enough. With an under floor safe you have the best secure fit out there and you also have a great space saving answer too. Under Floor safes are very popular with businesses that have limited space as it gives them the simple drop safe option of capsules posted through a shoot into the safe. Deposit... Read More

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Deposit Safes: What are they and do you need one for your home or business?

When it comes to safes you’re not limited by choice. There are safes for banks and treasuries, safes for schools, safes for keys and simple budget safes for home. But when it comes to allowing non-key holders to still be able to place contents in your safe, it’s deposit safes that you need. Deposit safes are the perfect choice for shops, offices, schools or other large businesses with a cash or valuables management issue. You may not want everyone to have access to the cash once it’s inside the safe... Read More