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How to Buy the Right Safe Quick Guide: 5 Steps

A safe is a secure cabinet with a simple or complex lock used for storing valuables. Items ranging from essential documents and cash to jewellery and even guns should be kept securely in a safe to protect them from burglars. The need for a safe is clear. In addition to protecting valuables, safes are also a legal requirement for the storage of some items, such as firearms. As there are so many uses for safes, there are a wide variety available on the market. In this guide, we show you how to buy the... Read More

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Introducing InSafe a new brand with fantastic products

We’re pleased to announce a new brand being offered on our website. With an element of exclusivity to the offer, InSafe have only offered their products to real safe engineering companies. With our company background, industry experience, product knowledge and expertise our brands and companies are the perfect duo. Insafe is the oldest British security company that designs, manufactures, supplies, installs, maintains and services all types of safes nationwide using their own crews and engineers. Across their great range of products all their safes are insurance approved and fire resistant... Read More

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Eurograded Burton Safes – The most versatile range of safes there is!

Hello! This is the second of our January blog posts where we look at ranges of eurograded safes. A eurograded safe is a safe that has been certified to a certain standard following rigorous testing by approved institutes. A eurograded safe offers (dependant on the class of grading) a minimum cash rating cover of £6,000 or £60,000 jewellery cover up to a whopping £250,000 cash rating or £2,500,000 jewellery cover. In this blog we delve into the eurograded safes available from Burton Safes. Burton Safes are a company that was... Read More

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Eurograded ChubbSafes – Suitable safes for your cash and valuables following Christmas.

Happy New Year to all our readers! We hope that your festive break was relaxing, enjoyable and most importantly you got spoilt! Throughout the month of January we’re focussing on eurograded safes and today we look at safes offered by Chubbsafes in this range. Eurograde safes are sometimes the requirement of your home insurance provider. Need a safe for your home insurance after receiving sparkly gifts at Christmas? Read on to see the range of safes from Chubb, all of which are AiS Approved (Association of Insurance Surveyors). You’re in... Read More


Buying Jewellery for Christmas? You Might Need a Jewellery Safe too

It’s that time of year again and we’re all manically running around trying to get that perfect gift (as well as remember to send auntie Iris a card this year!). Thoughts of Christmas presents often move towards jewellery. Jewellery can be a perfect, thoughtful gift for Christmas, so it’s a busy time of year for jewellers and shoppers alike. A word of warning though: this whole Christmas thing is pretty well known and unfortunately for honest folk the burglars prey on people more this time of year. Christmas burglaries are... Read More