What is the best cheap home safe?

With so many safes to choose from it can be difficult to make a decision on which one is best for you. Most safes are part of ranges that come in a selection of sizes, so where possible we will recommend a model range, as the features remain the same. Then, just pick the right size that’s suitable for the space you intend to house the safe or suitable to house your belongings.

Best Budget Safe

“What is a Budget Safe?”

We’ve classed a budget safe as a safe that is untested and unlikely to be insurance approved. Budget safes are best for securing small items that need to be kept in a safe place and are mostly available at a price of less than £120.

Insurance Approved Safes offer certified attack protection and are available at prices above £150

Chubb Air 10 or 15

Chubb AIr Home Safe size 25E
The Chubb Air 15E is one of the best selling safes on the internet

Why we like this safe …

  • Well known brand offering great quality
  • Key or electronic locking (battery powered) options – override key supplied on the electronic lock version
  • There are 2 sizes available (the model number 10 & 15 relate to the size in volume)
  • Suitable for both rear and base fixing, bolts are supplied
  • Light enough to be fixed to a shelf in wardrobe

Shop the Chubb Safes Air Range

Phoenix Rhea – SS0100 series

Phoenix Rhea SS0102E Safe
A cost effective secure storage solution for customers of all types and requirements

Why we like this safe …

  • 5 sizes to choose from – very versatile range of products fulfilling a lot of different customer needs both commercially and residentially
  • Key or electronic locking (battery powered) options – override key supplied on the electronic lock version
  • LED display on the keypad
  • Carpet lined base of the safe

Shop the Phoenix Rhea Range

Securikey Drawer and Top Loading Safe

Securikey Drawer Safe
Pull out drawer safes are well suited for installation onto shelves and the floors of wardrobes.
Securikey Top Loading Safe
Well housed in bedside table drawers or duvan beds, this unique designed safe allows access to your belongings from the top.

Why we like this safe …

  • Unique designs for safes
  • Top Loading safe perfect for Duvan bed design or drawers
  • The Drawer Safe is great at the bottom of your wardrobe providing access from the top
  • Only available with an electronic keypad which is supplied with an override key for use when the battery runs out
  • Internal lights supplied on all models.

Shop the Securikey EuroVault Range

All of the safes listed serve a wide of customer needs and are perfect for the residential setting.
If you’re after a conventional safe similar to that of the ones seen in a hotel the Chubb Air and Phoenix Rhea are most suitable. However if you want to store the safe in a space under the bed or at the base of a wardrobe, I’d opt for the drawer style safes as this will provide easier access from above.

With all safes protected by our Lowest Price Guarantee and delivery to a UK Mainland address included in the price, these options are great additions to anyones home wishing for peace of mind when not at home.

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