Customer Service Announcement – Price Increase Update

Price increase from our main safe manufacturers

Everyone expects a price increase notification from time to time however this month has seen 3 letters from our main manufacturers advising of an increase to their prices.

All products available from Burton Safes, Chubb Safes and Phoenix safes will be subject to a price increase in the upcoming weeks. Phoenix Safes released a price increase earlier which are we yet to implement, Chubb Safes are increasing their products within one calendar week and Burton Safes are increasing theirs very soon too.

We will do our utmost to retain as low a price as possible for the benefit of our customers but naturally the prices for products from these brands will be increasing – some by as much as 15%.

Whilst we appreciate this is a larger than usual increase unfortunately all manufacturers are advising that this is out of their control. All safe manufacturers have their products made across the globe and sterling has taken a bit of a hit on the markets over the last few months – this is what has forced the price increase.

AllAboutSafes and the manufacturers of their products are committed to providing competitive pricing and whilst we understand a price increase is never welcome, economic circumstances outside our control have forced this earlier than normal decision. We continually review our cost base and should the economic climate recover we will advise how this will affect the pricing.

Thank you for reading, we will update on this matter accordingly.


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