Is the Trust Gone in Our Police Service? New Report Identifies Public Confidence in Police

Belief in law enforcement authorities to solve crimes is plummeting. In a survey of 1,200 individuals across the country, All About Safes discovers confidence in police is at a low point:

  • 78% of people do not believe police are capable of recovering lost goods following burglary or theft.UK Public Police Confidence

People just don’t have confidence in police to recover their stolen valuables anymore,” states Dean Ryan of All About Safes. “With budget cuts, declining resources and rising crime rates, if things don’t change, the British public soon won’t know where to look for help.

The Current State of Policing in the UK

A recent ONS report outlined that around 2% of homes are subject to domestic crime — around 550,000 properties. This figure is currently on the rise, as Neighbourhood Watch outlines a 32% increase in the number of recorded burglaries.

Yet fears are growing around police ability to deal with the mounting problems.

Nationwide, police are facing budget cuts. Their ability to manage law enforcement tasks is becoming increasingly stretched due to a lack of resources and staff shortages. Chief Constable Dave Thompson describes the police service as being on “the tipping point.” In a blog post for the National Police Chief’s Council, Thompson outlines how budget cuts have been up to 25% in some local forces, with many experiencing an average of around 19% since 2010.

What impact is this having on police?

The Constable argues that “core aspects of policing – such as answering calls, attending emergencies, investigating crime, bringing offenders to justice and neighbourhood policing – are being pushed beyond sustainability, and are in danger of becoming ineffective to the detriment of confidence in the police.”

Thompson’s fears are echoed in new calls from MPs, who are concerned that the police service in the UK is at risk of becoming “irrelevant” if more isn’t done to shore up funding and improve law enforcement capabilities in the UK. Members of Parliament have voiced their concerns in the wake of reports that discovered 95% of burglaries remain unsolved, while it has also emerged that charges for offenders have fallen by 33%.  

Results from All About Safe’s survey revealed that it isn’t just MPs and police officials who are aware of the current problems blighting law enforcement. The public is well aware of the struggles, with current issues “severely denting” trust in police.

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