Where to Buy a Safe? Where to Look and What to Buy

Thinking about buying a safe but aren’t sure where to make your purchase or what safe you should buy? Our expert engineers offer their advice.

Have you been thinking about buying a safe? You aren’t alone!

Crime and burglary rates are on the rise. The public doesn’t believe police are capable of reclaiming stolen property, and even MPs are worried law enforcement is at risk of becoming irrelevant. As personal property case solve rates hit lows of just 5%, the responsibility of keeping valuables secure now falls firmly on your shoulders.

Safes remain one of the strongest security tools around. If you are worried about becoming a victim of theft and burglary, investing in a safe is one of the best ways to keep your possessions from falling into the hands of criminals.

Where Can You Buy a Safe?

Safes are available through a number of different retail outlets. When shopping for a safe, you can pick one up at the following places:

  • High-Street Shops — General providers of goods and household items, such as retailers like Argos, will often sell safes. These are usually budget items lacking in security features, but are easy to pick up in a hurry.
  • Specialist Retailers — A rarity these days, brick & mortar speciality stores may be available in your local area. You’ll find better quality safes here and can get a feel for items before you buy. However, expect the range of products to be small as there is minimal room to house units. You may also find prices are higher than online.
  • Online Retailers — Big online retailers like Amazon or eBay will provide safes for sale at low prices. Similar to general high-street stores, you may find they lack specialism and only offer basic options. Be wary of delivery costs, as safes are often heavy, driving up transit fees.
  • Specialist Online Safe Providers Online retailers specialising in safes provide sales platforms that often offer comprehensive unit options, cheaper prices and a wide range of stock lists.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy a Safe?

At All About Safes, we specialise in providing the best quality safes available, all for competitive prices. We pride ourselves on our range of units available and are always hunting to improve our handpicked stockist. We also provide bespoke delivery and installation services.

It may come as no surprise that we believe an online retail specialist is your best option when looking to buy a safe. But, before you cast us aside as biased, hear us out.

A safe is an important addition to your home or business security. It often provides much-needed protection for possessions of value or personal significance. When purchasing a safe, you want to be sure you buy the very best in security and personal protection. You don’t want to forfeit safety or compromise on security, but you also don’t want to pay over the odds or go through more hassle than the safe is worth.

Specialist online retailers, like us, offer you the very best of both worlds. We make purchasing easy, ensuring you get the best product for the right price. You’ll feel safe in the knowledge that your unit has been purchased from an expert provider that knows everything there is to know about safe products.

A Safe's Journey to Your Home

What Kind of Safe Do You Need?

Once you’ve figured out where to buy, you need to think about the next big question — what kind of safe do you need?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that any old safe will do. But, safes are a very personal purchase that requires plenty of thought and consideration. Each person is unique. Each property the safe is housed within is unique. This means each purchase is unique with specific requirements.

Safes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and specifications. Some are large, unmovable and incredibly secure, while others are compact and made only for small items. You’ll also find concealed safes, gun safes, safes for hazardous materials and medical supplies, as well as safes designed to resist fire damage and even those with biometric locking systems.

There really is an expansive set of units available. Think about the kind of safe you need to ensure you get the safe you want at a fair price.

Does all this sound a bit daunting? How are you supposed to find your perfect safe? Contact our expert engineers and safe specialists today! We’ll provide you with genuine and impartial advice on which unit is best suited to your needs.

How to Choose a Safe

So if picking a safe is such a complex process, how exactly do you do it? Consider the advice of our experts below when browsing our range of safes and you’ll find the right unit for your needs.

Buying Home Safes

When buying a safe for your home, you’ll want to think about a few things:

  • Where is the safe being kept? — Is the safe on display? If so, you’ll want something big and heavy to deter criminals. If you plan to conceal the safe, you’ll instead be looking either for something more compact, or a specific design, such as a wall safe or underfloor safe.
  • What is housed within the safe? You don’t need a high-security safe if you only keep small personal items like smartphones safe. Likewise, you don’t want to use a budget option if you are securing high-value jewellery. Think about what goes inside the safe, then make sure you buy a unit that offers appropriate protection.  
  • Is the safe being used for specialist reasons? — Are you concerned about fire hazards or is your safe holding something unusual like a gun or sensitive documentation? Make sure you buy a safe that meets any specialist demands the unit might be required to cover.

Buying Business and Commercial Safes

Purchasing of a business safe is very different than a home safe. Corporate enterprises often have items of higher value to secure like important assets and equipment. You are also likely to be the victim of more targeted crime. When buying a safe for commercial security, you’ll want to consider the points made about home safes above, as well as:

  • Cash ratings and insurance — Commercially available safes come with a variety of Eurograde cash ratings, anywhere from £2000 to £2.5million. This allows your business to secure business assets up to a pre-approved amount when placed within a safe. Purchasing cash rated safes protects your business from financial problems should theft occur. Be sure to assess the value of the items you plan to store within your safe and buy a unit that carries an appropriate cash rating.

Security options — As a business, you’ll likely have multiple people who need to access the safe. To increase security, and ensure everyone is able to easily access the units they need, you’ll want both universally usable security features and options to update and change them at a moments notice. Biometric and touchscreen security can be designed around individuals, ensuring only authorised people can access the safe. State-of-the-art digital security is also available, allowing you to distribute codes yet update them regularly to ensure enhanced asset protection.

Ready to start browsing for your home or business safe? You can view our extensive range of safes for sale in the UK right here! Upgrade your security, achieve true peace of mind and make sure that if you are the victim of a break-in, your valuables are secure!

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