How Do Biometric Fingerprint Safes Work? Benefits and Important Information

Looking for the most advanced type of security for your safe that money can buy? All About Safes explain why biometric finger safes are exactly what you are searching for.

Security at home and work has become incredibly important in recent years.

Crime rates are rising, especially amongst burglaries and thefts. All the while, resolution rates are falling. Over a one year period, it was recorded that only 5% of burglaries and robberies were solved. By the end of 2018, this figure fell to just 1%. That means for every 100 burglaries committed, only one family or business will see their belongings returned.

Just one.

Surprisingly, we’re more optimistic in our chances of having possessions reclaimed than the reports actually suggest — and that’s saying something. 78% of us think there is little chance of getting our belongings back after a break in. Which means 22% think we will.

21% more than actually will.

Every year, 550,000 homes are broken into and half of all UK businesses will face a robbery in their lifetime. Keeping valuables secure, especially in today’s climate, is an absolute necessity. Without taking responsibility for your own possessions and assets, you could face the disastrous consequences of having them stolen never to be returned.

What can you do?

Safes offer a last line and an essential piece of protection from theft — they stop would-be thieves in their tracks. However, not all safes are equal as some provide better security than others.

Biometric fingerprint safes are high-tech units that offer some of the most advanced security money can buy. If you are seeking the best protection for your home or business, then you need to look no further. But why are biometric units the best safes for sale?

What Is a Biometric Fingerprint Safe?

A biometric fingerprint safe works, in many ways, like any other safe. It keeps your valuables locked down through a variety of security methods including:

  • High grade and durable metal casing
  • Advanced locks and deadbolts
  • Exaggerated weight for difficult mobility

Biometric fingerprint safes come in a range of sizes as well, which means they can be placed in different locations based on your needs. You can buy large biometric safes for businesses that are placed in office space and used to secure assets and documents. Or you could buy a biometric safe for the home, one small enough to hide inside a cupboard or behind a set of books for added protection.

Whatever you decide to do with your safe — however, you need to employ it — all biometric fingerprint safes have one thing in common:

They can only be opened through authorised fingerprint access.

How Does a Biometric Fingerprint Safe Work?

A biometric finger safe works through a specific method of locking and access.

You likely have used a safe in the past. This often requires a combination to be entered or unlocking via a key. Combinations can be digital, or more traditional, such as a rotating dial. While these security options do provide a great deal of safety, there is one method that trumps them all.

A biometric access system operates by scanning your unique fingerprint, stored on a small computer attached to the lock. The secure locking will open when it reads your fingerprint input.

Access to the safe is matched only to your individual biology, making it incredibly secure.

The Benefits of a Biometric Safe

The primary benefit of having a biometric fingerprint safe is already abundantly clear. Its access is unique to you. However, there are other benefits to the technology as well:

  • With a biometric fingerprint safe, you don’t have to worry about forgetting combinations or wonder how to change a code on a safe. The safe is set up to open at the touch of your finger. Perfect for forgetful souls.
  • This type of safe offers state-of-the-art security, the ultimate option for people with specialist interests. A biometric gun safe, for example, is one of the most secure examples of protection you can find for your weapon.
  • If your safe is in a fast-paced environment full of people, such as a business, it’s easy for slip-ups to happen and for codes to be seen or guessed by the wrong people. Biometric fingerprint safes though offer protection against this. You can’t overhear a code or watch as it is entered. You need to have the exact biology to access it.
  • Biometric security safes are often considered luxury items as far as safes go. This means that not only do you get state-of-the-art security built in, but your safe will often be kitted out with other modern features, including the very best materials for security and locking, as well as contemporary designs.
  • If you opt to have it included, your biometric safe can feature other security methods as well. Some biometric fingerprint safes come complete with keys or codes for added safety measures.

How to Find the Best Biometric Fingerprint Safe for Your Home or Business

There are many options available for biometric fingerprint safes. All About Safes is home to them all. On our website, you can browse our extensive and handpicked range of fingerprint security safes. We stock over eighty unique units.

Through All About Safes, you’ll find different options to suit your needs. In our range, we have:

Struggling to find the perfect biometric fingerprint safe? Why not contact one of our expert engineers today? We promise to offer unbiased advice, helping you find only what you need.

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